10 out of 18 Universities in Stockholm are led by a Woman

8 March, 2019

10 out of 18 universities in Stockholm are led by a woman. These ten university leaders are highly-skilled professionals in widely differing fields: Polymer Technology, Reproductive Health, Orchestral Conducting, Cinema Studies, Clinical Epidemiology, Psychotherapy, Fine Art, Fashion, and Photography. Some of them are the first female leaders appointed at their institution.

Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the highest proportion of female-led universities. Among the Swedish universities that are ranked within the top 250 in the world, 57 % are led by women. Moreover, the number of female professors in Stockholm and Sweden is one of the highest in Europe. Gender equality in Stockholm’s academic scene has seen a positive development over the past 10 years although there is still some way to go before the goal of a fully gender-balanced academy is achieved.

Today, on International Women’s Day, Stockholm Academic Forum publish a new report: She Figures for Stockholm Academia. Gender Equality in Stockholm’s Higher Education Institutions.


Report: She Figures for Stockholm Academia

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