Doctoral Students in Stockholm

31 October, 2019

Stockholm Academic Forum has today published a report that the shows that the proportion of international doctoral students in the Swedish capital has increased by 14 percentage points over the ten-year period 2008–2018. As many as 43 per cent of Stockholm’s 5,440 doctoral students now come from another country. In 2018, the national equivalent was at 36 per cent.

“It is a testament to the great reputation of our higher education institutions. We know that Stockholm is highly valued by foreign researchers, and in international comparisons, we often see that higher ranked universities have a higher proportion of international doctoral students,” says Maria Fogelström Kylberg, CEO of the Stockholm Academic Forum.

From the doctoral student perspective, studying in Sweden comes with many advantages. All doctoral programs are tuition-free and the Swedish “teachers’ exemption”, established in 1949, grants doctoral students the legal rights to the research results that they produce during their studies. This is highly unusual abroad. In many countries, such rights are held by the universities and, where applicable, the universities are the ones applying for patent.

Read the full report and get more information about the doctoral students in Stockholm here.